Rich Whitenack is No Joke

No Joke Inc. (operating as No Joke Mixed Martial Arts, No Joke Store, No Joke Kickboxing, & many more…) was founded in 2002 near Rockford, Illinois by Rich Whitenack.

“I just wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of participating in Martial Arts.. I could have never imagined where it would take me.”

No Joke Inc. was officially founded in 2002 by Rich Whitenack. The Whitenacks were your typical middle-class, Midwestern family who had everything they needed; a small house with a bedroom for each child, regular family cookouts, and a pet cat.

But everything changed one day when Rich decided to do something a little crazy. He made the decision to turn his passion for Martial Arts into a full-time career. With the purchase of a set of foam mats, the family sacrificed a garage in exchange for a private training space.

In the nearly 20 years since our start, No Joke Mixed Martial Arts has grown in many ways.

We are proud to have opened our arms to aspiring athletes by sharing the opportunity to advance in a sport we are so passionate about. We have employed over a dozen instructors through the years and served over 1,000 Rockford-area residents with our friendly environment and expert instruction.